Digital marketing was my field of work even before I got a job at the agency. I learned a lot through blogs, webinars and courses – foreign ones because there were not many domestic ones at that time. By doing that, I discovered email marketing and realized how newsletter could be a powerful marketing tool. When I started to apply…


Get to know Google Analytics for E-commerce

In this article, we will talk about a useful tool that helps us better understand the people visiting our website, identify their needs, preferences, and intentions, and take further action based on this information. In case you don’t know what tool we are talking about – it’s Google Analytics.? Apart from the basic functionalities of Google Analytics, there is a…


From a need to the sale: Content marketing strategy

A few years ago, I was buying a wedding gift for my friend, and I wanted to get her something different– without that being a microwave, blender, or some painting. For inspiration, I started from Google, where I typed something like the original wedding gifts. A lot of content was displayed, and I started reading from the beginning. Of course,…


Where did we set off from and where are we going?

People communicate: constantly, since forever, and in different ways. Brain growth enabled us to advance as a species and to beat other, faster and stronger species in the evolutionary race. Brain growth and communication are in a causal relationship. Using hands as work tools, but also means of communication has spurred brain growth and let humankind win over the place…


Liquidity Tools for Facebook Advertising Platform

What do you first think of when we say liquidity? When I initially encountered this term on Facebook Blueprint learning, the association was the flow of money and finances. This is not what’s meant here. Namely, in this concrete case, liquidity is linked to advertising and its systems of machine learning.? These systems have been used in various industries for…


How to Stop Users from Scrolling?

Scrolling and swiping have become an integral part of our daily reality, and this happened faster than with any other phenomenon in history. Telephones with screens sensitive to touch have been with us just a little over a decade, and yet we already scroll as if we were born with that ability.?? An average user scrolls over 8 kilometers over…


Digital Marketing in the cryptocurrency world

What are cryptocurrencies?? The cryptocurrency market is a distributed ecosystem based on the peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology. Decentralization is a defining trait of this system, and it’s a reflection of the fact that there is no central bank or other instance that enforces control over the network. The transactions are conducted and verified via a distributed Blockchain framework that depends…


A Guide to digital video marketing

The Pandemic has affected all facets of life and work, changing the situation in various industry sectors and reshaping the habits of consumers. For now, everything revolves around predictions and forecasts, but what is for sure is that the priorities of doing business and marketing should be centered on adjusting to the changes in the behavior of target groups. We…