Blog Under Construction

I was planning for a long time to build a blog about digital marketing best practices, tools and general information. I want to make tis blog?a?reliable?and?useful resource for business owners, marketing specialist and anyone who wants to find out more about the field of Digital Marketing.

For writing the materialis I will use my knowledge gained through work, as a Digital Ambassador @Digital Garage and prior experience as Marketing Specialist @Viziteaza Delta. Also, added to my experience are coutless hours surfing the Word Wide Web to learn the best practices form big companies, freelancers, e-learning platforms.

I hope I will be able to provide you with the information you need to start working at your digital marketing plan as soon as possible and to get awesome results. To reach this objective I will put a lot of work in writing?usefull guides with tips&tricks that will empower you to climb the ranks is search engeine results or to put your products or services right in front of your customers via paid advertising.

See you as soon as new posts are live! ??